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Our Teachers

  • St. Stephen’s Academy teachers are all warm, nurturing, trained, and qualified professionals.

    St. Stephen’s Academy teachers are all warm, nurturing, trained, and qualified professionals.

    They are all selected for their ability to engage children warmly in the learning process through the use of effective and unique lesson plans. Lead teachers have a degree in early childhood education or a related field while the assisting teacher(s) have a combination of formal education and experience. All Teachers are offered ongoing training and coaching in the areas of health and safety, curriculum, developmental guidelines and other enrichment programs. Our goal is to grow our standard with the focus being providing excellent care to children.

Teacher Classrooms:


Young Stars:

Nothing you can ever do as a teacher gets more response from children or generated more fun, more mystery, more excitement, and more behavior-influencing rapport than telling a story.



In our class, we think it is good to start a child’s education with the proper attitude.



One of the ways you can tell a classroom has good management is if the students are happy. Good behavior and contentment go hand-in-hand.



The simple act of making personal, no-strings-attached connections with children, through shared smiles and sweet laughter, brings contagious joy to our classroom. readmore


Having a good time with children is about attitude. It comes from a desire to enjoy teaching, to build relationships with each child, and to make the classroom a special and unique experience. readmore

Professional Development

St. Stephen’s Academy teachers are encouraged and offered opportunities to pursue continuing education and training credits. By partnering with PA-Keys, Pre-K Counts, Philadelphia School District, DVAEYC and PACA, our teachers are exposed to the emerging developments in early childhood education.